Monday, September 15, 2008

Flying during the craziness

Yesterday afternoon during what will go down as one of the crazier Broncos games in recent history, I was sadly flying across the country and missed every single play. Fortunately my husband met me at the airport with a play-by-play of some of the better plays and more bizarre calls. My 7 teams are all still holding strong, despite having to plug in some randoms for my missing Texans and Ravens (um, Devin Thomas, the rookie in Washington, was a starting WR in one of my leagues...) - in fact, in one league I might have had a record week. With Jay Cutler, Clinton Portis, Anthony Gonzalez, Santonio Holmes, Reggie Wayne, Tony Scheffler and defenders Jon Beason, A.J. Hawk and Bernard Pollard all putting up crazy, silly numbers on my team, I am currently 150 points ahead of my opponent for the week. Insanity.

Anyway, I'll try not to gloat about that one too much since for the second week in a row my opponent in another league had a player with 3 TDs (last week it was Turner, this week it's Boldin), so I'm feeling like I have the "3 TD curse" in that league...but I'm also flying high with all this fantasy love for my Broncos.

Now before I get any further, I want to thank the 50+ of you that entered the Week 2 contest for a free FFXtreme and FFStarters subscription. I will be contacting the winner that guessed Forte's 92 yards and while no one guessed Moss would only have 22 yards, I do have someone who submitted a guess of 37 yards, so I'll be in touch with you winners soon!

Now onto links for the day. We've already got a handful of waiver wire sites that are up and churning out advice already, as well as some reviews of Week 2 games:

  • If you missed any of the weekend's highlights, catch up on what happened with CBS Sports' Four Downs: Marshall a Cut-ler Above.
  • FFGoat's FF Sleeper and Waiver Wire Watch Week 3 - I'm particularly digging the John Carlson suggestion here. Could a receiving corps be any more decimated than Seattle's? Rookie Carlson has stepped up so far...
  • Ultimate FF Strategy's Week 2 in Review discusses top performers and disappointments from the week.
  • FFXtreme's Fantasy Football Stock Market: Week 3 - there were several reminders yesterday that one-week wonders do exist; or just that Michael Turner can't be a fantasy god week in and week out (though I know it kills Smitty to hear that...).
  • Rotoworld's Turf Tomlinson reviews the weekend's games and reminds us not to panic about LT's toe quite yet. While I will encourage LT owners to grab Sproles, I certainly don't think getting Sproles is worth dropping an a-teamer; but maybe I'll live to regret that comment.
  • Football Outsiders' Audibles at the Line: Week 2 is a really interesting way of recapping the games - if you haven't checked out their Audibles at the Line before, take a look. Sure you get the inevitable hometown or biased perspective but doesn't that just make it more entertaining?


Anonymous said...

I just have to vent - I didn't play Cutler because some people on the ESPN boards talked me out of it. I played Brees instead and lost by 30 points... would have won had I played Jay. I will never doubt him again.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Hi Dan,
While Cutler is certainly looking like a fantasy stud these days, I do think there might be a time and place for doubting Jay down the line - I say this only because nothing is ever certain in FF. I mean that's the one FF truth - so take your pick of gunslingers for this week's NO @ Den game, but remember there might be a week not to play Cutler, especially with Brees as your other option.