Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hittin' the lanes

I'm going bowling tonight. Haven't bowled in quite some time but I'm being called up to replace a friend in my husband's bowling league who cut her hand and is incapable of bowling for several weeks. (Note: I still chuckle when I say "my husband's bowling league" - that's hilarious. Feel free to chuckle, too.) So typically when I go bowling I find that I have such tiny hands that I can basically only use the small child-sized/weighted bowling balls - which is somewhat embarrassing (particularly around people who are hardcore enough about bowling that they have joined a weekly league) and at that point, why not just go duckpin bowling as I did for my 9th birthday party? In fact now that I think about it, I might have peaked at bowling when I was 9. Huh. So you can see I'm a real aficionado here. I'm hoping to only experience a moderate degree of humiliation tonight but most of all I'm hoping the new iPhone (which is a true technological marvel) will have service in the bowling alley so I can stay hip to FF news.

So onto fantasy football links for the day:


Anonymous said...

(Note: I still chuckle when I say "my husband's bowling league" - that's hilarious. Feel free to chuckle, too.)

What is it with this bias against bowlers? They have feelings too you know! :)

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Ha ha, thanks for keeping me in check, Goat. My husband doesn't exactly fit my bowling league stereotype (I'll need to work on that bias...) since he can more likely than not be found participating in a sport in the outdoors...but the guy loves to bowl. Perhaps when I hit up the lanes tonight I'll have my stereotypes totally smashed (along with my pins, too?!) - that would be good for me, huh? :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for yet another mention. You do wonders for our sitemeter stats!

Thanks also for not mentioning how you took our team to the woodshed this weekend in the Bloggers league. Yikes.

Anonymous said...

Oh, did we forget to tell you about the monitoring device we installed in your brain? How rude of us.