Thursday, September 18, 2008

Listen to the FFLibrarian on Westwood One tonight!

Hello friends, it's a lovely day in Colorado and I've got several reasons to be supremely happy today: 1. Week 3 games are one day closer 2. I will be salivating over my very own iPhone in the next few hours and 3. early release day from work thanks to the Colorado v. West Virginia game. 4. I'll be on the radio tonight (more about that below). What could be better?

Let's take a look at some fantasy links:

  • The FFGoat has some quality Start 'em Sit'em advice for Week 3 up for your review.
  • Fantasy Football, etc is a new blog for me and I'm liking their Bump 'em Up and Bump 'em Down pieces - take a look at those Week 3 columns if you get a chance.
  • Another site that isn't new to me but that I had sort of forgotten about since last season is DR U Fantasy Football. The site has a new look since I was last on there but I see it's the same old excellent content. So check out their FF Rankings - Week 3 Running Backs (they have other positions as well) for a tiered approach to start and sit advice. Unique - haven't really seen tiers for start/sit anywhere else...
  • If you absolutely are at a loss for starters this week, take a look at some suggestions from the FFGeek Blog's Desperation is a Stinky Cologne: Week 3.
  • FFToolbox has their Week 3: Busts of the Week up - why must Braylon Edwards suck right now? Seriously, what's the deal? Does he just need to warm up to the season without any camp time this summer or is this shoulder injury really problematic? Unclear but Edwards has had success against the Ravens in the past (in the past 4 games he has been averaging more than 90 yards per game plus 3 total TDs) so I'm hoping he'll look sharp this week.
  • The RotoExperts' Start and Sit: Week Three is up with their usual great advice.
  • FFToday's Gut Check is one of my favorite weekly reads as I'm sure I've mentioned before - this week's Underrated Stats is of particular interest to me as Matt looks at some interesting stats including sacks taken, first down percentage, fumbles, targets/target efficiency. Good, good stuff.
Finally, as I mentioned above, I'm taking myself to a new media, baby - radio. Westwood One/CBS Radio has a segment called Fantasy Forecast that many of you might have heard before. It airs throughout the weekend (starting tonight) and they asked me to provide a little fantasy insight for QBs this week. I believe that you can find the hour-long show (of which I'm a very small segment) here at this Westwood One site after it has aired for the first time at 10 PM eastern time tonight. Once I've heard it I'll try and clarify just how far into it my segment is, though why not just listen to the full hour broadcast? I'm looking forward to seeing if I sound like a doofus or not. Let's hope for the latter.


Bobbert said...

Quick startem sitem question for you, Patrick Crayton vs David Patten. The Saints game is gunna be a shootout so i'm leaning tward Patten.

Also just wanted to let you know Brandon Marshal is in trouble again, this time for battery. He is also threatening to kill me in two of my leagues =(

Why must you do this to me Brandon Marshal... why...


Anonymous said...

Another start-'em question for you. I start two RBs. I've already got Chris Johnson penciled in. For the other spot, who do you think will do better: Joseph Addai, Earnest Graham, or (wait for it) Jerious Norwood?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Very exciting! I was just telling someone the other day how I love Westwood One. Radio takes on added importance when you don't have cable. Can't wait to hear it.


tkadlec said...

Just wanted to let you know that I too feel your pain with Braylon. Heck, he only has .75 more points on the year in my PPR league than Courtney Taylor! I'm also waiting on SJax to get a few more touches.

If it wasn't for my personal all-time favorite fantasy player, Westbrook, I'd have an 0-2 start and be looking quite shabby right now.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

ajc, I'd go with Patten over Crayton exactly for the reason you mentioned - it'll be a high scoring, high throwing affair in Denver.

And as I said in my post today, don't sweat the Marshall news. I didn't even mention it yesterday because I think this is just isn't a huge deal for fantasy owners.

anon, Addai has less than 2.5 yards per carry so far and he's never done very well against Jax. Graham has been doing pretty well so far but the Chicago run D is certainly more stout than what he's faced so I'm going to go with Norwood. I think you already thought he might be the best option and I'm going to go ahead and say Norwood against KC might just be a beautiful thing.

Go Buffs, go radio and go Braylon...