Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Team D/ST thoughts for the bye weeks

Just a quick post to say that my latest column with the Bruno Boys is up - Bye-ing into a Team D/ST. I take a look at schedules for Weeks 4-6 to see which defensive/special teams units you might want to grab in case you have a D/ST on bye during that time.


Anonymous said...

Another great article on our site. And catchy team name. In fact, because of your suggestions I snagged the Broncos as my week 4 bye week fill-in for Tennessee.

Wish me luck!

- Marc

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Nice, Marc! Well I certainly believe in the Broncos this week - let's hope the D pulls through for you!
Glad you enjoyed the article this week.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, you rock! Just when i needed a defense you put up an article.

Anonymous said...

I have the Bills D and I am smacking my lips this week. :) Thanks for the great articles and links Sara!