Tuesday, August 25, 2009

FFLibrarian 1st round results and more!

I knew that pulling off a 96-team league would be tough, that at times it would feel like herding cats, and that all sorts of fun personalities would emerge. Oh so true. The e-mail-style draft started yesterday morning and we're still dealing with a handful of absentee owners - so if you e-mailed me about taking that last open spot a few weeks ago and I let you know the spot was taken, well, you might be hearing from me again.

As for the draft itself, I'm pretty pleased to have snagged Matt Forte in the 1.06 spot and Wes Welker with the 2.11 pick - I'm looking forward to what happens next! Speaking of drafts I'm participating in, follow along with another one I'm doing with the Bruno Boys Expert League Draft Results: Round 1 Recap.

Onto the rest of today's links:

I'll be back later today with an update on the preseason week 2 contest winner here on FFLibrarian...


Red Neck Nature Boy said...

Has anyone done a draft On RapidDraft? I just did and I definitely should have watched the video for how to draft (no, I still haven't watched it).

First of all, the draft had 12 teams and went 20 rounds. Even at 30 seconds or less to draft it took 2 hours. Also, I only used my ranking for the first 50 players - had I watched the video I would have ranked at least my first 150 players. Starting about round 12 things got a bit tricky - is drafting Marvin Harrison a reach? One of the other 'experts' drafted him but then maybe they know something I don't.

The other issue that watching the video might have helped me with had to do with my starters and bench. I assumed I had to fill the spots detailed - so I drafted 2 K's and 2 DEF's etc etc etc. It wasn't until near the end of the draft I noticed I was the only one doing this.

Anyhow, if anyone else wants to share their RapidDraft experience or maybe some helpful insights that would be cool.

Lastly, I think we (or maybe just me) want to know if Sara has seen the dude that plays the guitar in just his tighty-whities. If so, is he playing for tips or is he just doing it because he was dropped on his head as a child?

Dmbosstone said...

Haha I grabbed Welker too with my 2nd round pick- great minds...