Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday fun with Week 5 links

In the past week I've had three readers contact me about linking to rest-of-the-season rankings, in particular those from Yahoo's Roto Arcade, which seemed to be missing this season. I'm very happy to report that upon checking my links this morning I discovered Roto Arcade is doing their Shuffle Up and Deal rest-of-the-season rankings again so if you're looking for some feedback on values for the remaining weeks, be sure to scope it out.

Next up, I wrote about this on the Buffalo Wild Wings All-Star Blogger League website, but I wanted to be sure to let you all know about a site called that I've joined - it automatically imported my lineups from my Yahoo and ESPN leagues and tracks all of my roster decisions for the world to see without me having to do a darn thing. So if you'd like to thumbs up or thumbs down or comment on my start/sit or waiver wire actions, come on over to

Now onto more start/sit links for the week:

Best of the rest:
  • Looking for some more opinions on your start/sit options? Swing by the Washington Post's Fantasy Check for an online chat at 12:30 eastern today.
  • I haven't linked to Mr. Fantasy in a long time but let's give him a try again - take a look at position rankings for Week 5. What do you guys think? Keep Mr. Fantasy on the weekly rotation here?
  • Okay, take a deep breath and plunge into Fantasy Hulks' Running Back Statistical Forecast Modeling. I'm digging it, as I dig most any analysis in FF land.
  • Week 5 rankings from Rotoworld - great stuff as always.
  • Some of my favorite bloggers are getting together each week for a roundtable discussion - this week's topic hosted by Fantasy Pros 911 is about helping struggling teams get back in the fantasy chase. 
  • Finally, I just can't help but link to this interesting little tidbit - the Packers vs Vikings game last MNF was the most-watched cable show ever. EVER. Wow.
I'll be working on my consensus start/sit later today but will then be out of town for the next several days. I'll try to get my regular posts up but might be working on a slightly different schedule. Good luck this weekend!


UC Beach said...

Thanks for your latest postings!

However, do you know why our 96 team league website isn't up and working now?

Every other webpage is loading, but this one....sigh.

John Compton said...

Sara, I need some help... I have a potential stellar week ahead of me, with the majority of my players playing some of the worst defenses in the league, but you just never know.

I have.
Westbrook vs. TB
G. Coffee vs. At.
Hightower vs. Houston
Desean Jackson vs. TB
Pierre Garcon vs. Ten
Nate Burelson vs. Jac.
Percy Harvin vs. Stl.

I have 2 RB spots and 2 Wr spots and 1 rb/wr spot.

Any thoughts?

Everybody says Westbrook should have a big game, but its his first game back. Minnesota should stomp St. Louis, but they have a lot of people who could score..

thanks for your good work

Anonymous said...

Would you make the following trade in a PPR league :

Antonio Gates for Steve Smith(NYG)??

Here's my current roster:

QB - Garrard

RB - SJAX, Ronnie Brown, Fred Jackson, Leon Washington, Choice, and McCoy

WR- Bowe, Calvin Johnson, MOMA of the Brownies, Hester, and Nate Washington

TE- Gates, Celek

Or should I upgrade at QB/RB instead?? Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!!

Unknown said...

i would take the trade a in a heartbeat. celek is a beast and smith seems to be for real. i'm sure eli will be fine too. nice team!

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

UCBeach - I'm not having any trouble with that URL. Try again or maybe check with a different browser? Let me know if your troubles continue.

John - At RB I think I'd do Westy and Coffee. Westbrook might sit if they're up big but I think the potential for great numbers is still there. I'd probably plug Hightower in for the flex spot and play Jackson and Garcon in the WR slots. Burleson is tempting, too, but I think Harvin isn't quite as appealing since the Vikings are likely to run a lot once they're up on the Rams. Hope that helps and hi to your wife. :)

Anon - I agree with Potlicker, I think I'd make the trade. It depends a bit on how many WRs you need to play but Bowe isn't looking so hot these days so you could really use a top WR in there with Johnson. Celek might not put up the same points as Gates but he's pretty solid. I will note though that Gates has a far easier fantasy playoffs schedule than Celek. And Smith has a tough playoffs schedule, too. Just something to keep in mind in case you're really on the fence.

Anonymous said...


Jason Keller said...

Hey Librarian thanks for the fanatasypros911 article. I'm one of those 1-3 teams right. That was very helpful. The site is pretty nice too, first time checking it out, so thanks