Thursday, September 03, 2009

8 FF leagues = crazy librarian

Happy football day! College football is here, preseason football continues. LOVE it. I've been a little slow on this past week's preseason contest winner (which QB had the most yards) but I'll be posting an update on that front later today. In the meantime, the preseason week 4 contest is: which TE will have the most receiving yards this week and how many yards will he have? Send me an e-mail with your guess for a chance to win a season-long subscription to FFXtreme.

So I tried to limit the number of fantasy football leagues I would be playing in this year - I bowed out of two since I wasn't sure I could handle doing 7 leagues again (one of them inevitably falls through the cracks). But of course, new leagues came up that I just couldn't say no to (like the BWW league) so I'm back up to 8 leagues. How did this happen?! If I seem to be going insane at any point during the season, don't be surprised.

Let's jump into today's latest and greatest:
  • I grabbed Dustin Keller in round 14 (of 29) in a draft yesterday - followed up by Jermichael Finley in round 19 - so I was intrigued by's article on John Carlson and Dustin Keller's upcoming sophomore seasons.
  • Lester's Legends looks at some of the preseason all-star backs to see who (if any!) can translate preseason success into regular season fantasy draft worthiness. Now I realize I have an unreasonable love for Tyrell Sutton (see my article for the Bruno Boys) but I think he's show enough preseason awesomeness to have made this time, Lester.
  • Fantasy Sports Forum brings us their thoughts on Drafting with the Playoffs in Mind. Take a look at how things shake out when looking at weeks 14-16.
  • We all know that fantasy studs can sometimes come out of thin air (or just disappear with a poof) and's QBs who will rise and fall takes a look at 6 QBs that fall into one of those two mysterious categories.
  • Along those lines, take a look at's Guarantees of the 2009 Season. There are no guarantees; that's the beauty of fantasy football. But I sure like seeing someone try!
  • Okay a few news pieces from FFToolbox that I found interesting - first, word from the Boston Globe that Sammy Morris could be cut. Seriously?! Not sure I buy this.
  • Meanwhile two backup RBs that occupy the same sort of space in my mind are slowly diverging. Felix Jones is pulling away from Jonathan Stewart in terms of value in my mind. Jones may be the goal line back a bit more this season; Stewart missed another practice. I don't know about you all but I'm drafting Jones and loving it while kind of avoiding Stewart for now...could be a mistake but I'm just not willing to draft Stewart where he's going.
  • Last tidbit of news - the 49ers are thinking of running the ball 60% of the time, which is way up from their 41.3% run time in '08. Even if it's unattainable it sure sounds good for Gore and Coffee.


LestersLegends said...

Sutton should have made the list, but I just don't him making an impact this year. Time will tell.

Peter said...

I'll be VERY surprised if the Patriots cut Morris. He's lead the team in rushing touchdowns the past 2 or 3 years, if my memory serves me.

Les Savy Ferd said...

everyone says they want to run the ball 60% of the time but then teams realize that not everyone has a 2008-2009 Raven's style DEF and O-line which actually allows you to do so and remain in the football game. The 49ers are getting there but we'll see how often they can run when their mediocre defensive backfield is being torched by manning, warner, hasselbeck, rodgers, mcnabb...

Matt Calvey said...

I can not imagine doing 8 leagues at once. I am a fantasy monogomist. Matt Calvey Inc. is the only one for me!