Thursday, September 10, 2009

NFL season is open for business!

My left arm is about to become famous. Or at least famous with Millionaire watchers. My left arm and I really enjoyed ourselves at the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire taping I went to yesterday. The whole process took far longer than I expected and I had to roll out of there to make it to the Battle of the Sexes fantasy football draft before I had a chance to take the test to be a future contestant...but that's okay, I was really just there to accompany a friend. And in the end, I think I might have had the best seat in the house. As my friend and I filed in to the studio, the guide seating us asked me to be the person sitting next to the "honor companion" (that would be the spouse/friend/parent of the contestant in the hot seat) - all of this means that my left arm and clapping hands will be visible on a few episodes in early October. I know, it's extremely impressive right? It will be my left arm's debut on national television; must come up with a way to celebrate.

How about with football?! Happy start to the season, friends! Will you all be glued to the game tonight or what? If you need to gear up for the excitement, just read some of these great articles. Again, we'll start with some new start/sit advice:

Other great links:
  • FootballOutsiders' DVOA doesn't like my Broncos. Sad but not particularly surprising. I'm willing to bet that the Broncos will outperform their 31st ranking as predicted by love scoping this stuff out.
  • Breakout players: 10 who'll take it to the next level from CBS lists a bunch of guys you'll want to keep your waiver trigger finger on (if not already drafted). I seriously heart Felix Jones. I think he might be my favorite grab this year.
  • Because I love anything that has to do with football stats, take a look at this interesting post from ESPN: Do runs for losses indicate bad run teams? You might be a bit surprised. Unless you're Aaron Schatz.
  • I groaned loudly and for a long, long time after I drafted Willie Parker as my RB2 in a league last week. It just happened. When you participate in enough leagues I feel like you can use this cop out - but seriously, without fully understanding what I was doing I drafted Fast Willie. I think I'd heard enough news about Mendy not running all that well and the Steelers backing Parker as their #1 guy...but it still feels weird to have my RB2 as Wee Willie Parker (though I think Ray Rice will quickly oust him on my roster). But I must say a few reassuring words from Rotoworld's Fast Willie Parker gets a quick bump in value and I'm feeling a bit better about Parker.
Finally, if you're still looking for a fun way to participate in fantasy football this year, join other FFLibrarian readers in a weekly contest run with - I'm working on prizes with which to reward the weekly winners, so stay tuned on that front. You can sign up here and will need the password book1. There are 30 of us in there already and there's no limit to the number of participants, so jump on in!

Enjoy the game tonight!


Brandon, said...

Thanks for the link! Good luck tonight in all the leagues you're in...which I hear is a lot :-)

Ryan said...

I noticed that the DOVA rankings are completely different from A.E.R stats when doing projections of wins-losses for teams.

The Green Bay Packers have horrible DOVA, but are ranked as tied with the Vikings in wins at 12 each, according to the A.E.R's. Only 9 other teams are ranked higher than the Packers this year in AER's pre-week 1 games.

The Baltimore Ravens also are given a bum wrap by the DOVA, only the Steelers, Giants are projected to win more games this year, pre-week 1 by the AER's.