Friday, September 04, 2009

Something Football This Way Comes

I might be behind the times a bit here but yesterday afternoon was my first video Skype experience - and it rocked. In the past I've used Skype to chat with my husband while he travelled, but being a non-webcam family, I've never been able to use the video function. But yesterday I "met" one of my closest friend's 3-week-old baby and I can't get over what an amazing service Skype provides. Love it.

Plus a little Skype time with a baby was the perfect balance to an otherwise football-rich day. Don't get me wrong, bring on the football, but I think some days I could use a little more balance in my life. Surprisingly the world does not revolve around football (I know, I'm still shocked by this revelation, too).

But let's pretend like I does and get to today's linkfest:
  • Oh MJD. When you leave the field with a questionable return, it creates a pit of fear in fantasy owners everywhere. So glad to hear it's likely your leg bruise is not serious.
  • Meanwhile I'm sure Steve Slaton owners are somewhat displeased to hear that Chris Brown will be used in the red zone quite a bit - heads up, TD-heavy league players.
  • has thoughts on 3 backs who will bounce back in '09. Can you guess which RBs are listed here?
  • It's a little hard to read on Hatty's website (you can get a copy via google docs), but they've got a new spreadsheet feature that lists studs, sleepers, starts, and sits for each week - see Week 1's details here.
  • A few nights ago my husband and I watched Almost Famous, which he had never seen before, so I'm feeling rock n roll these days (note that my musical abilities basically only stretch to playing the recorder in elementary school) and felt this article from ESPN on a fantasy football league with dudes like Jerry Cantrell, Duff McKagan, and Kenny Wayne Shepherd (oh, and Matthew Berry of course) was appropriate to link to today.
  • Wondering which backs are going to get the most carries this season? Rotoworld takes a stab at predicting the number of carries for running backs in both the NFC and AFC (interesting point they make - all 5 backs that carried the ball for 300+ carries last year came from the NFC...).
  • KFFL and I share the same love for Felix Jones. Seriously, can't get enough of that guy.
  • Some IDP rankings from - top 50 players at LB, DB, and DL. Plus a little bit of IDP drafting strategy here, too.
  • Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy has put their soothsayer caps on and is Predicting the Top 10 Quarterbacks Based on Historical Trends. I was surprised at a few of their predictions - interesting stuff.
  • If you're a member of The Huddle (one of my absolute favorite pay sites), don't forget to read the updated offensive line rankings. GOOD stuff. Love the o-line analysis, can't get enough.
I hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day Weekend! If you're in the New York City area and have some free time on Tuesday, 9/8, then come on by Buffalo Wild Wings at the Atlantic Center in Brooklyn. I still have to finalize the details but I believe I'll be there drafting that evening for the BWW League I'm in. Would love to have some reader support if you're free!


Anonymous said...

The Texans have been talking about Chris Brown getting the redzone touches all preseason. Is it really that much of a surprise 5-6 week old news?

Anonymous said...

Wonder if the Cowboys' offensive line will hold up or not this year, considering it's the oldest in the NFC according to ESPN bloggers.

Unknown said...

Though, it's a bit disconcerting to see that Hatty Waiver Wire has listed under it's STUDS for Week One, a Garrett Hartley, Kicker for New Orleans, and whom, I believe is serving a 4 game suspension beginning with game one.
Not a great way to start the season, guys!

Anonymous said...

Aaron Rodgers getting a lot of love on NFL Network Fantasy:

Anonymous said...

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