Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Contest options galore

I've updated the average ranking position spreadsheet and am happy to send the new version out to anyone who is interested in the excel version - just send me an e-mail. I've also updated the google docs and scribd versions as well. Take a look, digest, enjoy!

I'm headed to the depths of tourist hell today: Times Square. I've got a lunch meeting there and am thinking I'll spend a little time roaming the area, taking in the sights...it will be my most touristy destination since arriving here in NYC. I'm not such a crowds person but it's a gorgeous day here so I'm looking forward to wandering around a bit.

But first, today's links...

Finally, I've got lots and lots of unique FF contest options for you:
  • First, RapidDraft - use the free code to try one of their mock drafts and you'll be eligible for their $250K grand prize. I tried RD a few weeks ago and was impressed with how quickly I could zoom through a mock draft - helpful for those of us who are short on time.
  • Next contest - RotoExperts' Upset Challenge. You'll see a link to this game over on the right side of the blog for awhile - take your chances at this pick 'em league.
  • While I'm out and about in Times Square today I will be free not to worry about missing my draft spot in the FFLibrarian monster league because my conference has just wrapped up drafting - 5 more conferences are still cranking through the draft though. For those who didn't land a spot in the league and are interested in still competing against me and fellow readers, never fear. I'll have more details later this week but I'm working with 365FantasySports.com to create some weekly games that will be free, fun, and different and only require a weekly commitment from you, my fine readers.
  • And for more contest options, scope out The Hazean's post on leagues he's got going on with his readers.


LesGrossman said...

Thanks for getting our ranking mention out. Much appreciated. For all of you that check it out, send comments and I'll try to address specific questions as fast as I can.
Take care,
Fantazzle Fantasy Sports Games

Fantasy Knuckleheads said...

KFFL's super sleepers was a good read.

Shameless plug... another contest