Monday, September 28, 2009

Dawning of Week 4 advice

Greetings and welcome to Week 4 prep. I hope you all enjoyed yesterday's games as much as I did. I think I'll go 6-3 in my 9 leagues this week - I'll take that! Best of all is another win in the Buffalo Wild Wings All-Star Blogger League. I'll be going 3-0 and am hoping to keep my claim to the #1 spot in the league...I'll be sure to brag about being one step closer to winning the league (and subsequent trip to Miami and party with Trey Wingo) on the BWW site once the win is official. Thank you, Aaron Rodgers, for returning to fantasy awesomeness; not sure I could have done it without you.

Now to today's links...

  • Speaking of fantasy awesomeness and lack thereof...oh, Laurent Robinson. I talked up your potential to friends and readers alike and now you've got an ankle injury (update - Robinson's injury more serious than originally thought, he might be out for the rest of the year). So unfortunate. But really, truly unfortunate for the Rams. What a mess. 
  • I am going to relish my 3-0 Broncos while I's about to get ugly in Denver, my friends. Rough schedule ahead. But that said, nice work, Buckhalter and Moreno. For some thoughts on players that are On the Rise, On the Fall, take a look at
  • The Hazean has some Early Waiver Wire Thoughts up - right now I'm feeling sorry for my father-in-law who dropped Glen Coffee already...and now has an uphill waiver wire battle to get him back.
  • More waiver wire advice from the FootballDocs. Love how quickly these guys get waiver suggestions up - and they don't sacrifice quantity or quality to do it - it's awesome.
  • Another place for solid waiver advice: ProFootballWeekly's Fantasy Ticker: Week 4 or AOL Fanhouse's Waiver Wire Wonders.
  • This should be of interest for future weeks - the Lead Pipe Lock used KC Joyner's rankings to put together Cornerback and Safety Rankings with notes on which matchups are easy, moderate, or tough and what that means for your WRs, TEs, and QBs. 
  • Again on the IDP front, if you're thinking of picking up some new defenders, see what Monk has to say in Week 4 NFL Fantasy Football 2009 Waiver Wire Pick Ups.
  • This week's MMQB, Palmer, Favre and an unsung receiver added to Week 3 drama made me think a bit more about the Bengals. There are lots of you out there who thought this was the Bengals year to shine and a 23-20 win against the reigning SB champs certainly sounds good. But did this game say more about the 2-1 Bengals (who beat the Packers and the Steelers - and lost to my Broncos!) or the 1-2 Steelers (who have lost to the Bears and Bengals but beat the Titans in OT)??
  • Last year I blogged on the Fifth Down about watching the movie 10 Yards - it's now viewable on YouTube so if you've got some time, take a look and enjoy.
Finally, I recently heard about a member of who is walking in the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk and could use a little assistance with donations. I don't usually do this (so don't worry, I won't pepper the site with future donation requests) but if you're feeling like you've got a few extra bucks on hand, why not support a fantasy footballer who is dedicated to raising money to fight cancer?


Lester's Legends said...

Broncos 3-0. I bet you're psyched. The only newcomer I'm more impressed with than Josh McDaniels right now is Mark Sanchez. also weighed in on who to grab on the waiver wire, and who to leave be at

jnb said...

BWW = fab, because it's based in the TC and has a female CEO. If you win, you should go to Miami AND get a visit to corporate so you can come say hi! :)

Janna said...

Thank you very much for helping to spread the word on the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk.

Continued good luck on the BWW All Star blogger league!

Fantasy Football First said...

Great links.
we also have our Week 4 waiver wire pick ups posted at .