Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bonehead fantasy moves

Apparently I am in 9 fantasy football leagues, not 8. My commish checked in yesterday afternoon to see if I knew that the draft we had done was for real and not a mock...so yeah, I'm that owner that forgot to set a lineup and handed my opponent a big W this weekend. I'm that bonehead. In my defense, I can no longer remember if I thought the league was for real or not since there were so many mocks in my life this summer. But most of all, the draft happened while we moved from Colorado to New York (I have lovely memories of desperately trying to send draft picks via the iPhone in the middle of Nebraska) and it ended over a month ago. I conveniently filed it away as part of The Move and never looked back. Oh well!

Looking ahead now to Week 2 games - lots to think about between injuries and possible waiver wire moves. So let's jump in...

  • NFL.com's RBs Bell, Williams will be hot names on the fantasy waiver wire has a couple of great suggestions. I gotta say I'm leaning towards Pierre Garcon over Austin Collie but I suppose time will tell on that front. I'm also a big fan of Justin Gage. If you took a look at my 9 rosters you'd probably see Gage in 80% of them - just think the guy has a ton of upside.
  • Another waiver wire article from Fantasy Hulks - Waiver World: Week 2. Of particular interest here for me is Davone Bess since I play in quite a few PPR leagues. 
  • The FootballDocs also have their waiver wire advice up for your review. These guys also do something that long-time readers know I love - they report back on the success of their start/sit advice. Accountability in the FF world is near and dear to my heart (how else do you improve?) so I really like this kind of post that reminds you of a site's strengths and weaknesses.
  • FFToolbox's Week 2: Pickups of the Week are also up and ready for your review.
  • And even more waiver advice from the FFGeekBlog - The Wire - Week 1: Cadillac is Back!
  • The Fantasy Football Nerd recently linked to a sit that I think a lot of you might find useful: StartThisGuy.com. Sign up for free and you can ask the community for votes on which player to start. Get a big enough community and the votes become really meaningful, so get out there and vote! Consider it a civic duty of sorts.
  • Hatty Waiver Wire Guru's Studs, Starts, Sleepers, and Bench for Week 2 is up - the spreadsheet is a little hard to navigate since it's so narrow but there's some good info in there.
  • CBSSports.com's Fantasy & Reality is a solid read in case you need to be caught up on any major fantasy issues from Week 1 games - my favorite part about this article though is the "which of the Week 1 surprise quarterbacks are for real?" so be sure to check that out if you're in a panic over your QB situation.
  • Strong words from Rotoworld that "if you took Tomlinson in first half of the first round, you can safely regret it already" - I don't buy into that. I think we'll know a lot more about his ankle injury soon and perhaps he won't be worth that early grab - but really I think it's just way, way to early to make any kind of prediction for any players. Should I be regretting my Matt Forte grab, too? Or Andre Johnson? Or Aaron Rodgers? For all who are freaking out over the performance of their top players, remember we have only seen one game. So much more to come. 


frankida said...

Good call on LT - I love it when people declare players a bust based upon one performance. There's definitely so many more games in the season. Anyhow, I recently found your blog through razzball and I love it. Keep up the good work.

The true measure of how much I like your site is that fact I'm trying to keep it a secret. I don't need them to get an edge on me. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

time to start talking about prop bets

Anonymous said...

RB/QB help!!

Steven Jackson @ WAS
Cedric Benson @ GB?


Favre @ DET
Warner @ JAC?

any help appreciated thanks! keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

START CHI D @ PITTS or OAK(waivers) @ KC?

Lester's Legends said...

I only wished that I got to face you in that league. Oh well, I'll have my hands full when we do square off.

I feel your pain though with the mocks and the regular drafts. Don't feel bad.

Peter said...

anon, I would start steven jackson at washington over benson at green bay. washington is less likely to bury saint louis early, and cincy will abandon the run after green bay gets up by two TDs. also, jackson is more of a threat in the passing game than benson. definitely go jackson.

your qb situation is tough. i really don't see minnesota opening up against the lions if they don't need to. i'd lean toward warner at jacksonville.

Jason Keller said...

I'll tell you guys, last week I used the FantasyPros911 rankings that the librarian put up and they killed for me. Thanks for the help and look forward to more

Unknown said...

Would you guys trade away hasselbeck for either cassel or derrick ward or ricky williams. I have schaub as my starter? Need help on this one bad.

Fantasy Football First said...

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