Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Double up Wednesday

I love days when I can do a double post. Not only do I have some spare time today, but I'm catching a flight tomorrow so I'm going to be tight on time tomorrow morning - I thought a double post today might appease you all in case I get only the briefest of posts up tomorrow.

  • My article with the Bruno Boys is up: Top Ten RBs After Week 2. I look at RBs in the top 10 whose yardage and number of carries don't quite match up - and what does that mean for their future matchups? I'm kind of digging this idea and am going to continue with it next week and look at WRs with Week 1-3 data.
  • Advanced NFL Stats looks at Time of Possession to see if it matters. The Colts' tiny TOP (14:53) and big win over Miami obviously encouraged this post but take a look at the Raiders vs Chiefs game this past weekend (I know, who had the patience to watchup that matchup?) where the Raiders came away with a win despite a mere 21 minutes of possession. Not a record-breakingly low TOP but still impressive from the Raiders of all teams.
  • Wes Welker owners and those that are snagging Julian Edelman off of waivers will probably be interested to know that sources say Welker "expects" to play this week.
  • Check out how high Laurent Robinson is ranked in SI's Fantasy Clicks "if we had a do-over..." Very interesting. Great stuff here - always worth the read.  
  • Finally, last week I heard from all sorts of friends and family about the NPR piece on Fantasy Football: Increasingly A Woman's Game, Too. I must say that while I normally enjoy NPR, I couldn't have been more disappointed by this story. As a woman who plays fantasy football, I just think there are so many more interesting things that could have been said rather than the focus on one random league out there that sometimes makes lineup/draft decisions based on a player's good looks. I mean seriously, NPR? The FFNerd's grandma plays in 6 leagues - that's awesome and far more story-worthy in my book. Or there are fantasy football sites and businesses either led for or by women like or TheFootballGirl - again, far more story-worthy.
I'll be back tomorrow with a couple of quick links!


Melissa Jacobs said...

Hey FFLibrarian,

Could not agree with you more on the NPR article, particularly because I too generally like their commentary. I have never met any women or gay men (yes, they play fantasy too) who has ever picked up a player based on looks. It's like hmmmm Peyton Manning is available but I think I'll pass because Mark Sanchez looked hot in that GQ spread Puh-lease!

Good stuff,
The Football Girl

Ryan Hallam said...

Hey Sara, thanks again for coming on the show, we had a great time talking to you. I have a handful of females who listen to the show and email into the site and they are very knowledgable and very good. Fantasy success is not based on sex, but on commitment and the best player wins. I echo Melissa's comment here in that the women that have contacted me could care less about what the players look like.