Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Week 2 FFL winners

Once again I was taken down in the monster 96-team FFLibrarian league. Maybe Week 3 will be my week...the top 5 scorers across all 6 conferences in the monster league are as follows:

  1. Portlovers, 156.30 points
  2. Guinea Pigskins, 147.10 points
  3. MV Brewers, 144.35 points
  4. Reams Reamers, 143.65 points
  5. Skins North, 143.30 (Skins North was a top-5 scorer last week too)
The league is set up as a head-to-head contest so there are of course plenty of teams that are now 2-0. I'll be sure to highlight those with winning records when we get a little bit further into the season.

On the contest note, we've got a winner in the FFLibrarian & 365FantasySports.com weekly competition: bjc3877, congrats! The results for the top 20ish players are shown in the graphic below. Remember, this is a weekly league so you can opt in (or out) at any time, whatever works best with your schedule. There were 61 of us participating in the competition this past week and I'd love to have as many of you join in as possible for Week 3! I'll post details about the weekly league tomorrow, including the required password.

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