Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday wisdom

I feel like such a New York hipster - last night we hit up a music venue in the LES (Lower East Side neighborhood) with a friend from Boulder who is in town visiting...though the hipness started to fade as we headed home at 10 and noticed that the real hipsters were just arriving. Did my best, right? Next I'll just need to meander through Williamsburg with culottes (update: I've had a lot of questions about culottes - I'm thinking specifically of a blend between pleated shorts and MC Hammer type pants that seem to be all the rage in W'burg), dark glasses frames, and a look of ironic angst and I'll know I've arrived. Oh just joshin' ya, Williamsburgers.

Moving on from fashion and music to football...

I'll be back later today with a report on the Week 3 winner of my weekly league with If you'd like to participate this week, the password is 4book and you can set your lineup after searching for the FFLibrarian Freeroll in the contest lobby. If you haven't played in the weekly league yet, start on this page to register for free. I'd love to have as many of you play in the league as possible!

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Hi All,

Just a follow up to what Sara wrote about the Weekly league.

Many of you are probably in multiple leagues already.

You should look at what we're doing as more of a "Weekly contest" rather than a "league".

All of our contests start at 1:00 eastern on Sunday and they are OVER as soon as the Monday night game finishes.

There's no point carryover from one week to the next. Nothing is cumulative. If you play a couple weeks in a row and then have to miss a week, its OK. (You will not be punished severely, but the FFLibrarian may slap your wrist with a ruler.)

The other really cool thing about these weekly contests is that they give you a chance to select players on your roster that you may not have in any of your traditional leagues.

It only takes a minute or two to enter and select a team. Next week we're going to change up the format of the contest a bit, so this is your last chance to get in on this type of contest for FREE.

Hope to see you in the contest. Good luck this week with your traditional leagues and with your team in the FFLibrarian Freeroll.

NumbersAndGuts said...

Thanks for the post.

-N&G Guys