Wednesday, September 16, 2009

FFLibrarian contest updates

So the FFLibrarian monster 96-team league is moving right along. While I was defeated soundly this week, there were a few impressive performances. I thought I'd note our top 5 scorers across all 6 conferences:
1. BIG DUKE, 166.60 points
2. Skins North, 145.85
3. Pumpkin King, 140.86
4. HTown, 132.30
5. Big Red Dogs, 126.55

Congrats guys!

And the winner of this week's FFLibrarian weekly contest with is: wavkek9. You can see wavkek9's lineup and the other leaders in the graphic below. If you missed the chance to participate last week, no problem. The beauty of this weekly league is that you can jump in or out of each week's competition. If you'd like to participate this week, the password is 2book. You'll need to register to play if you haven't already - and then just look in the contest lobby for the Freeroll game. We had 55 participants last week and I'd love to see even more of you participate this week!

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