Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Week 3 waiver wire wisdom

I managed to stay up for the entirety of Monday Night Football last night and was rewarded with a pretty entertaining 4th quarter. Other than the over usage of The Sheriff nickname, last night's game was surprisingly good. Perhaps that's just because I enjoy seeing Peyton do his thing. For a Knoxville, TN native like my husband though, last night was a battle of QBs with Knoxville connections with Pennington from the area and Peyton a Tennessee grad.

But enough looking back on last night...I've got a big day ahead. Wish me luck - I've got a job interview with an academic library here in NYC. I also am chatting with the Fantasy Football Tonight guys (Tuesday edition) at around 10:15 PM eastern, so tune in if you can.

Now let's scope out today's links...

  • Lots of injuries out there like Jason Campbell's sprained foot, Brett Favre's bent fingernail, and Frank Gore's sprained ankle - none of those seem like they'll cause any lineup issues for FFers. But heads up Matt Hasselbeck and Mike Bell owners - you might want to consider replacement players.
  • FantasySharks.com's On the Rise, On the Fall takes a look at some players whose stock is changing. Good trade fodder here, though I do like to wait until Week 3 games have passed before making too many trades.  Perhaps I lose out on some value by waiting but I'm a firm believer in giving teams a chance to evolve early in the season. 
  • A few waiver wire links for you:
  • Love Rotoworld's Making a Statement. Figure out whose performances you can panic over and which guys still have a promising season to come.  
  • Finally, I kept hitting refresh on FFToday, hoping that their Fantasy Strength of Schedule would be available until I realized that today is Tuesday not Wednesday (the day their SoS is available). I thought I'd remark on this since that clearly shows my love for their SoS, which I will absolutely be linking to tomorrow. Until then, why not peruse their site for other gems?


Matt said...

Word! Fftoday's SoS is a major influence for me with regards to picking second tier players and waiver-wire spot starts.

Unknown said...

Fantasy Sharks is not even worth the URL click any longer.
The content is lame and is the master of the obvious unless you live in a cave in Jordan alongside the Dead Sea.

Antonio said...

The SOS is ALWAYS available under "Tools" on the center bar...enjoy!