Wednesday, September 02, 2009

BWW league and top links

I played tourist for awhile yesterday and roamed the Times Square area (I know at least one reader will be glad to know that I did indeed see the naked cowboy) and I'm thinking of getting in touch with my inner tourist even more and cruising around Manhattan in one of those tour boats later this week.

But today I have a draft for an experts IDP league led by the CBS Sports crew. It was a fun league last year though the draft is 29 rounds long. Yes. 29.

However my big announcement for the day is that I am a part of the Buffalo Wild Wings Fantasy Football All-Star Blogger League. The league winner will win a trip to Miami during the Super Bowl so you can imagine that I'm gunning to win. The league commish is ESPN's Trey Wingo and there are all sorts of savvy experts in the league with me. We'll all be blogging throughout the season so stay updated via the league's homepage - and wish me luck! If you're a NYC local I believe I might just be drafting live from my local Brooklyn Buffalo Wild Wings next week and could always use some reader encouragement during the draft. Details to be determined.

Enough on my league life, let's delve into today's best links:

  • What's better than a little live Q&A with a fantasy expert or two? Tune into the Bruno Boys Live Q&A tonight at 8:00 PM eastern.
  • Speaking of the Bruno Boys, my weekly column with them should be up later today - I look at a few really late flier picks that you might want to grab in the last couple of rounds of your draft.
  • I'm trying out a new site - let me know what you think. Numbers and Guts has some overvalued players and some sleepers for us. Take a look.
  • Dwayne Bowe is a second-string receiver. How long will that last? And how far is he falling in drafts with the news of Cassel's injury?
  • Ultimate FF Strategy does some narrowing down of breakout WRs listed in an earlier article this summer. See which guys they find most promising this season.
  • Matthew Berry tackles his mailbag with answers to questions about those who should not be drafted, those who should be kept, and those whose cats are benefiting from TMR's advice (hey, I'm an animal person, mention a cat in a column and you've caught my eye).
  • Something to ponder in Rotoworld's Kurt Warner and QBs that lose in the Super Bowl.
  • If you're trying to get a grasp on the most consistent WRs - or the most unpredictable - as you prepare for your draft, take a look at's WR Consistency article for a look back at the past few seasons.

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Anonymous said...

Re: WR consistency (FantasySharks)

If you are a non-PPR league, be careful when using averages. Average points per game can be very misleading when trying to figure out how reliable your WR is. My league is a non-PPR league and relies on actual scoring. So, the stat I use for consistency is the number of games a WR does not score over the course of a season (includes missed and non-scoring games). You could use the number of games they score in instead. I also track Average points per game played, total points, standard deviation and 95% confidence levels. The points I use are calculated from my league's scoring system. All those stats are easy to calculate and track/graph in a spreadsheet. They can help you break ties between players in each of the tiers you have put your WRs into.