Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rolling out more Week 4 links

In a few hours I'll be hanging with college buddies and sipping cocktails at a Northwestern alum event here in NYC, but until then I still have several more links for you, my loyal readers.
Finally, an update on the FFLibrarian weekly contest as promised - the big winner of the week was Zrayed and you can see the winning roster and other top teams in the image below. Nicely done Zrayed! If you want to participate this week in the weekly competition, click here and search for the FFLibrarian Freeroll league with the 4book password.



Anonymous said...

Hey FF Librarian!!
First of all your awesome and we here in Brooklyn really appreciate all the work you do for us fantasy freaks. Secondly, I'm being offered Brandon Jacobs and Megatron, for LT and Colston.
Is this a no-brainer? Or should I be analyzing all the potential upside that LT could bring.

Peacock said...

Where do you find your stats on targets? I have been looking forever on the intertubes!?! Im curious to if I should pick up Kelly or Nate Washington.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Thanks Anon! Love knowing there are folks here in my new neighborhood that are reading my blog. As for the trade offer, that's a tough one for me. I think I'd make the deal.

Colston has been a pretty solid WR1 (esp in Weeks 1 & 2) but he will be facing some tough pass defenses in the next few matchups, and LT has a lot of question marks - combined I think that just makes the trade a good one for you. Jacobs (who has a sweet schedule) and Megatron (seeing lots of targets, shouldn't be long before he really meshes with Stafford) are probably the better deal here.

Peacock, I pulled the target data from the CBSSports league that I am in, but you can also get that data from Sports Data Hub ( - select "receiving targets" as your offensive stat.

But here's the info you're really looking for: Kelly Washington has been targeted 13 times (and caught 12 of them!) while Nate Washington has been targeted 19 times (7 catches) but he wasn't fully healthy or in the starting lineup in Week 1. Kelly is Q right now with a groin injury so I think I'd be inclined to go with Nate.

Peacock said...

Thats exactly what I was thinking....I really like the looks Kelly is getting, but Nate was traded to be a #1....I think he will be more of an asset to my team, rather than a WR3, that is in an offense where Flacco spreads the ball a ton....I see Nate with the bigger upside personally, which is why I agree I have to take him over Kelly. Thanks for all the help! Love your blog.