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Wes Welker Teaches the Librarian a Lesson

Well I'm slowly learning my Wes Welker lesson. Just don't play the guy unless it's for sure. I boarded a flight back to New York around 11:30 this morning and was desperately checking my lineups on my iPhone when something in me decided to start Wes Welker in two of my leagues. I'd like to blame my momentary confusion that the Pats might actually be upfront about their injuries on the increasingly disgusting situation that was evolving 2 seats over from me: there was a woman hacking up what could only be all of the phlegm in her chest - and possibly one lung - with such vigor and grodiness that rows of people around us were staring at her trying to figure out what animal might be dying in our row. It was hideous. I was sitting there trying to concentrate on whether I should be playing Wes Welker or Justin Gage, but all I could think about was what kind of evil combination of swine flu and SARS this woman must have in order to force this violent throat clearing...and subsequent spitting out of the phlegm into a napkin. I mean the throat clearing was awful enough (I'm not kidding, I've never heard anything like this in my life) but to then dispose of her insides in a napkin and place the napkin in the seat pocket in front of her? I shuddered, might have developed goose bumps even, at the thought of the things that lurk in plane seat pockets. For many reasons I am grateful to be staying at home for the next few weeks despite a wonderful weekend with friends.

Anyway, time to cease the phlegm conversation here. Due to the late morning flight, I missed the start of some of the early games and since I'm sure a lot of you aren't able to stay glued to the tv/computer either, I thought I'd throw a few links up to remind you where you can go if you need news or injury updates during Sunday's games:
Back tomorrow with Week 4 waiver wire advice!


Jon Bakker said…
Far be it from me to defend poor hygiene. It could be that the coughing passenger has Cystic Fibrosis or another disorder that affects the lungs. A friend of mine who has since died of CF would have uncontrollable coughing fits like that - and the scope, volume, and violence of the coughing would shock anyone who didn't know why she was coughing. There was often mucous that would come up (that's one of the nasty things about CF - thick mucous in the lungs) and she had to put it somewhere. Hopefully the person took the tissue when they left.

I don't say that to make you feel bad or guilty for bringing that up, I just wanted to point out that it could have been something like CF, which is non-contagious.

All that aside - love your blog, it's great stuff!
Hmm, now I definitely feel like a jerk. :) I would say this was not exactly a cough (truly sounded more like vomit, highly unclear what was happening) or something of the CF variety, but you make an excellent point about having a bit more patience/sympathy with others. I think zooming through the air in a cylinder of others' germs is enough to make me overanxious about phlegm. Thank you for the good reminder, Pastor Bakker!
Unknown said…
Wes Welker's killin' me. I think he might be in worse shape than the Pats are letting on, so I don't know whether to sell high on him while I can or stay patient.

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