Monday, September 07, 2009

Oh yeah, Week 1 start/sit!

Happy Labor Day! Hopefully you all are doing something fun today, enjoying a day off. Personally I just slept in later than I have in months, possibly years, and it was awesome. Is there something in the air here? Seriously I sleep in so much later in NYC than in Boulder...though I think that might be related to the later nights, here too. So speaking of Boulder, who watched the CU vs CSU game last night? I got a little nostalgic looking at the beautiful flatiron/foothills shots - made me miss my old hometown! Tough times for the Buffs last night - not a good way to start the season. But who started the season well? Northwestern! My alma mater beat Towson pretty thoroughly this weekend; let's hope that keeps up.

All that said, there is no day off when it comes to fantasy football so read up on the latest links and reads in FF land.

  • Find out who Ultimate FF Strategy thinks will be the Top 10 WRs Based on historical Trends - interesting stuff here as usual. If they're right about Brandon Marshall, there could be some teams who grabbed him at an excellent value.
  • Cut day has come and gone - Rotoworld is Looking at cut day from a fantasy perspective. Gotta say I'm surprised that Jeff Garcia was cut but I haven't really been following him in any depth for awhile. Perhaps I assumed that Russell was just that bad. Either way, don't go there on draft day, waiver day, any day.
  • MMQB reviews some of the big cuts this weekend, too, and the usual bevy of other football topics.
  • You guys know even the slightest bit of statistical analysis makes me happy so I enjoyed ESPN's What to make of Rams' run on turnovers - a quick check on the correlation between preseason and regular season turnovers reveals that the Rams might not be turning over a new leaf after all. But hey, you never know...
  • Fantazzle's rankings are all up and complete - remember Fantazzle won my accuracy challenge last year where I compared a lot of the big dogs out there to see which ranking was the most accurate. Might be worth seeing what Fantazzle has to say this year.
  • FFManiaxs already have waiver wire advice up - plus of course start/sit for Week 1.
  • Hatty Waiver Wire Guru gives us a list of guys that he's avoiding this season.
  • Finally, the Lead Pipe Lock's Omatic spits out Week 1 Top 10 Starters by Position. Gotta say I like this - there aren't a ton of weekly rankings out there like this so I think I'm going to enjoy tracking the Omatic this season to see how well it does.
Over the next several days I'll be gathering positional rankings for the ranking of the rankings contest (done in conjunction with the FSTA) that I mentioned above. If you have a favorite site that you'd like included in the competition (or if you're an expert who wants to know how you stack up!), let me know and I'll see what I can do to get them involved. For results from last year, click here. And 2007, click here.

Finally, if you've sent me an e-mail and I haven't gotten back to you yet, my apologies. I am embarrassingly far behind on my e-mail but I will eventually get to them all - promise!


Anonymous said...

Fantazzle's rankings are just now complete? No wonder they won overall accuracy last year. Their rankings are published so late that they're useless to 95% of fantasy drafters. Most major rankings are published at least a month or two earlier (and perhaps updated once). Things change.

Friday said...

thanks for the info as usual, i love the site. what about including ffmastermind in the rankings?