Friday, September 18, 2009

Week 2 Start and Sit Galore!

Had an awesome day yesterday - basically hung out in my old library, catching up with friends and talking to coworkers about a few ongoing papers and projects. I've only been gone for about 7 weeks but it's amazing how many little things have changed since then. Ahh, the ever-changing world of libraries. But I know you all aren't here to listen to my library rants so let's get down to business here...

There are quite a few more start/sit links - remember that I'll be pulling together a consensus start/sit from all of the different sites I link to this week. I'll try to get that up by tomorrow, but Sunday morning at the latest.

Other great reads:
  • Week 2: Busts of the Week from FFToolbox - kind of a sit list I suppose but who on earth is sitting Drew Brees?? I'll call this more of an FYI or owner beware kind of list.
  • Also kind of in the start/sit realm is Lead Pipe Lock's Week Two Top Twelve Starters by Position - some sleeper thoughts are thrown in, too.
  • I love that Hatty Waiver Wire Guru covers so many bases - tons of material on his site, but I'll focus on the IDP column for now: Week 2 Players to Target
  • FFToday's Inside the Matchup: Week 2 player projections and game thoughts listed by matchup.
  • Some experts got together for a roundtable discussion on Rotoprofessor on which mid-round players you drafted that can safely be cut. Great read from a lot of impressive fantasy minds.
  • And in fact, the roundtable of experts idea is quite popular - take a look at this one with Sleepers and Busts for Week 2 from RapidDraft. 
  • If you're looking for rankings, no better place to go than KFFL - this link will take you to their WRs but all position rankings can be found off of that page. 
  • I grew up in northern Virginia so I'm a big Washington Post reader - inexplicably I've somehow missed their FF blog, Fantasy Check, and let me tell you, it's good stuff. I'm particularly digging their Projection vs. Production series and am sure to be linking back to that each week. Highly recommend reading this blog, especially you Skins fans.

I just realized the ridiculous number of links I've provided here - there is just SO much good stuff out there right now. I'm really impressed by the fantasy content I'm seeing these days and perhaps what I like the most are the articles that bring more than just one opinion - so the roundtables, the Fantasy Check blog, the melding of many thoughts into one. Is that a surprise though considering that's what I do all day here on FFLibrarian? Still, I love it. Keep bringing the good stuff, FF experts!


Click said...

I have Fred Jackson (BUF), Thomas Jones (NYJ) and Michael Turner (ATL) in my lineup this weekend with Larry Johnson (KC) on the bench. I 'm thinking about putting in Johnson for Jones. What do you think?

Matthew Saunders said...

I'd go with T. Jones all day against the Pats. Have you seen that defensive line? Without Mayo, it's essentially non-existent against the run.

On another note, Lead Pipe Lock is one of the most interesting - and almost surreal - FF sites I've ever seen. I'm dying to see the Omatic in action after next week.

Alex said...

Trying to decide between:
Eddie Royal (DEN) - CLE
Hines Ward (PIT) - @CHI
Justin Gage (TEN) - HOU
Cadillac Williams (TB) - @BUF
Julius Jones (SEA) - @SF

to fill my last WR and my WR/RB slot. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Click, I think you've got some awesome options. I absolutely agree with Matthew that Thomas Jones will have a good game against the Pats. While I might be slightly concerned about the amount of carries that Washington could take away, Jones still makes for a better option than LJ. Love both Jackson and Turner this week - nicely done!

Alex, I've got some serious love for Gage and love my Broncos, so it's hard for me not to recommend either Gage or Royal this week but I think I'd go with Ward and Williams. Williams is almost guaranteed a TD, which makes me a must-start in my book - and Ward had such a spectacular showing last week against a tough Titans D, that I imagine he'll look pretty strong against Chicago this week.

Click said...


Thanks to hours of draft prep via your fantastic blog I managed to land these players in my GOLD league:

Tony Romo
Michael Turner
Thomas Jones
Fred Jackson
Reggie Wayne
Calvin Johnson
John Carlson
Robbie Gould
Jets Defense

Bench: Larry Johnson, Matt Cassel, Jason Campbell, Beanie Wells, Donnie Avery

I couldn't believe it! It was almost like taking candy from a baby! Check this... Someone in my league had the audacity to pick Gostkowski in ROUND 1!! Another person picked up BenJarvus Green-Ellis in ROUND 1! I couldn't believe what I was seeing!

Anyways... Thanks for providing us with this hidden hot spot for up to date fantasy links. You're doing us a great favor. TTYL

kmart said...

Check out my pics for week 2.

- Start em Sit em
- Sleepers
- and more!

Heine81 said...

I'm looking for a flex behind Jacobs and McFadden. I drafted Slaton for my RB2 but my matchups tell me to put in the two other backs with better matchups.

On my bench I have K. Moreno and P Crayton.

Should I be swapping out Slaton for Moreno or possibly Crayton?

ejsphilly said...

I am in a PPR league. My starting RBs are Barber and D. Williams, but I have Thomas Jones and Fred Jackson also on the bench. I can start one flex player, and am toying with leaving Barber on the pine this week because of his history against the Giants (and because both Jones and Jackson have great matchups). Thoughts?

Fantasy Football First said...

Great Links.

Don't forget to stop on by .
They have waiver wire, survivor pool picks, start em / sit em, player rankings and point spread picks.

Token said...

I'm having trouble deciding whether to start Jermichael Finley(GBP) or John Carlson(SEA) at TE, and Santonio Holmes(PIT) or Devin Hester(CHI) at WR this week. Do you have any advise? Thanks

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Token - I'd go Finley with his great matchup and I like Holmes better than Hester.

Good luck!