Friday, September 11, 2009

First game in the books

I'd say last night's game certainly lived up to the first game of the season hype - an overtime defensive battle with missed kicks, fumbles, and some impressive grabs (bummer for Polamalu though). Good stuff all around and it only makes me more excited about this weekend's games.

On a different note, it's a bit odd to be in New York City on a September 11th anniversary. I was living in Washington, D.C., back in 2001, having just graduated from college a few months earlier and was out at a job interview on 9/11/01 - so I'm no stranger to the feeling of panic on that day. But there's something different about NYC. Living in the city now gives me even more respect (if possible) for what New Yorkers experienced that day.

But back to football - don't forget to check out the start/sit links that I posted earlier in the week. And if you have a start/sit question about your own roster, I recommend posting it in the comments section. That way if I can't get back to you, another reader might be able to respond with their opinion.

  • I'm all for bringing charity into fantasyland, so I was pleased to see the Fantasy Football Starters guys' weekly line-up challenge that includes a donation in the overall grand prize winner's name to the NFL Foundation's "Play it Smart" youth program. Good people doing good stuff - I like it. 
  • Matthew Berry's love for Joe Flacco is reiterated in his weekly Love/Hate for Week 1. If you're not familiar with Love/Hate, I think you can count on Berry to provide the most entertaining of weekly start/sit links.
  • For those interested in some season projections, scope out FootballOutsiders' 2009 Staff Predictions.
  • The FFGeeks tackle a bunch of start/sit questions they've received this week, so take a look and see if your own lineup conundrums can be found there, too.
  • A couple of IDP links for you:
  • Ahh, numbers. Love 'em, you all know that. So I'm a sucker for RotoExperts' Week One Stat Book from Scott Engel where you can get some nice stats and read up on their fantasy impact.
Finally, I made a cosmetic change of sorts to the FFLibrarian site and am wondering if you all have any feedback on it - now all article links open in a new window or tab (depending on your browser settings) so that FFLibrarian site will remain open. I think this makes it easier to go back and forth between the different links I provide but if it causes you any trouble, let me know. 


Anonymous said...

Tough night running the ball for LenDale White. Al Michaels mentioned that this offseason LenDale lost 40 pounds, and he did it by staying away from Tequila. Too bad Shawne Merriman didn't.


Matt Calvey said...

Oh zing!

Unknown said...

I think the opening links in a new tab/window is a great change. Keeps you site open if the reader starts following other links and stories on the page that just opened. Love the site!

Barber's Blog said...

agree with B. and also love the site!

Barber's Blog said...

agree with B. and also love the site!