Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Fantasy millionaire

Now that I'm living in NYC and am jobless (unless you count updating this blog a job, which frankly, would be fairly accurate), I have the opportunity to just pick up and do odd things in the middle of the day. Somewhat awesome, no? So when a friend asked me to join her for a Who Wants to Be a Millionaire taping this afternoon, how could I say no? I mean, ask the the audience, baby, and I'd be the audience!

In the meantime I'm frantically gathering rankings from our favorite fantasy football experts so that I can include them in my annual accuracy challenge. I'm getting as many rankings as I possibly can and if you have suggestions for sites to include (especially free sites), please let me know in the comments section below.

So, it's 09/09/09 and football season starts tomorrow! It's incredibly exciting. This of course means that start & sit suggestions are cropping up so let's get to the week 1 advice:

First up, start/sit suggestions:

  • I can always count on the FootballDocs to have their start/sit advice up and ready to go - take a look at their advice for week 1.
  • Once upon a time the FFGoat tried to leave the FF blogging world. But he just couldn't stay away. And that's good since we're all rewarded with his Start 'em Sit 'em and Sleeper Picks for Week 1.
  • FantasyFootballOasis runs through their start/sit in a game-by-game fashion that I find rather appealing. What I really like though is the fact that they'll be updating this list until game time for each matchup. Niiiiice.
  • Week 1 Start/sit faceoffs from - basically if you need to talk yourself into starting or sitting a player, go here for ammunition from the experts. Take a look at their Week 1 rankings for more week 1 specific advice.
The best of the rest:
  • Last night was the Buffalo Wild Wings FF All-Star Blogger League draft and I've gotta tell you guys, I'm only moderately happy with my team. On two different occasions, the sneaky John Hansen from FantasyGuru snagged the player I wanted right before my turn came up. Tough times when that happens - I don't usually recover well from those rounds. Before long I think we should have our rosters posted to the blog site but let's just say I'm really pulling for Joseph Addai this season.
  • If you're in a survivor league (like one reader here, Kate) take a look at's review of Week 1 games for survivor pool advice.
  • More game-by-game advice from Pigskin Addiction with projections for key players in each matchup.
  • FFToday has Through the Wire up, which I must say, has been one of my absolute favorite waiver wire articles for the past few years - check it out.
  • More waiver advice from Rotoworld in Waiver Wired: More Bell-Cow!


Bobbert said...

Kevin Smith vs Ray Rice vs Slaton in a point per rush attempt, 12pt TD league.

Need to pick two, inclined to just go with Smith and Slaton, but due to the incredible upside of Rice against KC. Any and all input appreciated!

Anonymous said...

The Millionaire contestants should hope for a fantasy football question.


TheDewd said...


Go with Slaton & Rice. NYJ without 2 studs on Def; KC Def blows; Saints Def much improved.

Corey (FFGoat) said...

Thanks as always! Yeah, writing a start/sit is just to damn fun!

Matt said...

I have the feeling the monster league is going to give us all practice at "scouring the barrel" on FFtoday.

Matt said...

I can't wait till FFtoday gets their Fantasy Strength of Schedule rolling (I think it may take a few weeks to get the data rolling). That was one that confused me at first, but was a really powerful tool. I learned to trust the green and avoid the red, at least with regards to helping with choosing non-studs.

kate reymann said...

Thanks for the information on the suicide pool! My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw my name. :-) I feel your pain on having your player pulled right out from under your nose; that happened to me three rounds in a row in one draft.

Ryan said...

Sara take a look at the ESPN's Paul Kuharsky list of NFL teams listed by "Rushes For Negative Yards":

The teams with the fewest Negative Rushes by x% overall are:

#1 - Patriots
#2 - Chargers
#3 - Redskins
#4 - Jets
#5 - Browns

Sure liking my chances with L.T. & Thomas Jones in Week #1 in the FFlibrarian League ^o^

FootBall Suicide Fantacy said...

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