Thursday, September 03, 2009

Preseason week 3 winner

This past week I asked you all to send me your guesses for the QB with the most passing yards for a chance to win a season-long sub to the excellent FFXtreme. Matt Leinart ended up hucking the ball for the most yards (360) but since none of us saw that coming, it was the #2 QB, Aaron Rodgers, who ended up bringing luck to Nick from Madison, WI. Rodgers threw for 258 and Nick had sent in his guess of 270 yards, making him the closest guess for the week. Nick will soon be cruising around the FFXtreme website, with all sorts of tips and tricks at his fingertips.

Wouldn't you want that, too? Thought so. So send in your guess for the TE with the most receiving yards (include the yardage, too) in this week's preseason #4 games. C'mon, make the games interesting why don't you?!

And because I live and breathe FF, here a few more links for the day:
  • Hatty Waiver Wire Guru is rolling out a new writer - first article, Never Saw it Coming, pulls out a handful of dudes that you might want to think long and hard about before drafting this season.
  • FFToolbox has their Who to Start for week 1 up (though they reserve the right to tweak it) with projected fantasy points.
  • Jay Clemons bring us Fantasy Clicks on SI, which frankly is like 17 fantasy articles in one. Or like picking up War & Peace and realizing what you just got yourself into (but man, what a great read, gotta love that Russian lit!) - the article just keeps going. And going. In a great way. So read on for pretty much everything under the moon (good weather schedules; drafting strategies for the first 5 rounds for all slots in a 12-team league; bye week thoughts; draft domination strategies; QB tiers; RBBC rankings; fantasy playoff studs - seriously, I'm not kidding, this is all in there).
Enjoy the football tonight!

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Anonymous said...

Nice work! DO you have any more sit/start list for Week 1? Thursday is approaching! The only one I have seen so far are in
and .
I am waiting for more.