Monday, September 21, 2009

Gearing up for Week 3

I might have a new fantasy crush here: Mario Manningham. I'm watching him make some great catches and I'm duly impressed...oh yeah, I've got SNF rolling right now. Basically 11 PM rolls around and I'm wiped out, ready to go to sleep. This whole living in a time zone now where football ends far after I'm normally asleep has been a bit of an adjustment. Last night though I remembered the beauty of DVR and recorded the last quarter or so of the Giants vs Cowboys game, which makes for a wonderful way to spend my morning. It's also giving me a chance to rejoice in the awesomeness of grabbing Mario Manningham off of waivers. After Manningham had a decent week against the Redskins, I plugged him into my lineup for this week remembering that UltimateNYG, my guest blogger last month (and Giants aficionado) was a fan. What a great call.

There are plenty of other great waiver wire grabs out there, so let's get to today's links:
  • First, if you missed any of the games or are just looking for some quick notes, like the overachievers, underachievers, and insane stat lines of the day, take a look at's First Response: Stars prove their worth.
  • FootballDocs have their Waiver Wire advice up for Week 3. Donnie Avery owners might want to think about snagging Laurent Robinson if you've got room on your squad.
  •'s Get 'em or Don't Sweat 'em recommends picking up Byron Leftwich. I played against Jordan Zucker of Girls' Guide to Fantasy Football in a Battle of the Sexes league and she smartly plugged Leftwich in for her McNabb hole. Leftwich has had two nice games in a row, definitely worth thinking about if you're in need.
  • AOL's FanHouse suggests that Week 2 is full of "head-scratching maybes" in Waiver Wire Wonders: The Week of the Random in Fantasy Football.
  • The Bruno Boys have both Cut Them Loose and Pick Them Up to help you make some waiver wire choices - I love seeing my Broncos listed as a possible D/ST to pick up. At least for one more week...
  • If you're in an IDP league and are interested in picking up some new individual defensive players for your lineup, take a look at Monk's IDP Waiver Wire Pick Ups for some thoughts. I'll be the first to admit that I was excited to see what Aaron Schobel could put together this week after a monster game in Week 1. Not such a big game for him this week - don't worry, I'm not switching him out but it's a reminder that IDPs can have huge out-of-the-blue games once in awhile. Let's not dwell on the fact that I left Elvis Dumervil and his 4 sacks on the bench this week...
  • MMQB has a nice focus on Mark Sanchez - can you remember the last QB to play against Tom Brady who actually got more media love than TB? 
I'd like to wrap this post up with a big ol' hooray for my 2-0 Broncos! It's about to get a lot harder for them but this is just how they needed to start the season. Sadly my Northwestern Wildcats didn't have quite the same success - they're now 2-1 after a loss to Syracuse. In their defense, the 'Cuse is not the horrid team they were last year. Yeah, I know, there really is no excuse for losing to Syracuse...oh well! On to next week!


LestersLegends said...

Sorry my Cuse beat your team. How cool is it that your Broncos can be 3-0 if they can handle Oakland this week.

Manningham is going to be a popular pickup this week for sure.

Thanks for the link.

Unknown said...

If you are looking for concise weekend wrap ups we have posted a few at 12StepDrop:

Week Two Recap: Early Games
Week Two Recap: Late Games

Anonymous said...

should I propose this trade?:



andre/matt both have favorable matchups in the upcoming weeks. i already have ochocinco & jennings. and my RB's could use some help as I have GORE JACKSON J. JONES & BENSON. any help would be appreciated thank guys!

Sounds Naughty said...

"... she smartly plugged Leftwich in for her McNabb hole."

Unknown said...

Not knowing what your settings are, Anon, that trade looks like a wash to me, with a slightly higher chance you lose out. I would not deal any Round 3 or higher picks this early into the season.

Les Savy Ferd said...

Poor Cuse has been a disaster for some time now. My Freshman year I got to see Donovan McNabb play in the Carrier Dome. Ever since then its been all downhill...

Congrats to your Broncos. The Bills could easily have been right there with them!